HyBAND® Centre Flow Band Screens

The Hydroflux HyBAND® is a high efficiency, centre flow band screen used in the headworks of a sewage treatment plant.

High efficiency fine screening from a sewage treatment plant’s inlet significantly reduces maintenance costs from blockages due to screenings accumulation within the aeration and sludge processing plants.

  • High efficiency screening – 80% Capture Ratio
  • Reduced maintenance costs on downstream processes
  • A compact design
  • Self-tensioning band with no chains or submerged sprockets
  • 20 years of sizing and design expertise specifically for Australian applications

HyBAND® Centre Flow Band Screen uses a continuous band of interlinked perforated panels that provide high efficiency two dimensional screening. Rags, fine screenings, plastics, bags and other foreign objects are captured on the panel face and removed from the sewage flow. The band also includes a series of serrated wipers to remove larger objects such as cans and small plastic bottles.

Hydroflux Epco provides complete inlet works systems, including screening removal and handling, grit removal and handling, as well as any associated conveying systems. We provide comprehensive technical analysis for hydraulics, headloss, screen control and solids conveying systems providing with a packaged solution to meet their needs.