Nitrogen and Phosphorus

Virtually all of Hydroflux Industrial’s biological processes can be adapted to removing Nitrogen and Phosphorus to very low concentrations to meet the most stringent of regulations.

Why do we need to reduce nutrient levels?
Industrial wastewater can contain very high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus (nutrients). When nutrients are discharged to the environment a process of eutrophication can occur.

Eutrophication encourages the overgrowth of algae and the decomposition of the algae by bacteria uses up so much of the oxygen in the water that most or all of the aquatic life die. This in turn creates more organic matter for the bacteria to decompose. In addition, some algal species produce toxins that contaminate drinking water supplies. Throughout Australia there is a currently a heavy focus on reducing nutrients in wastewater.

Hydroflux Industrial supply a comprehensive range of equipment and process that can remove nutrients including:

HySmart SBR

Hydroflux HySmart® Sequencing Batch Reactor. SBR’s are renowned as being one of the most robust and reliable biological systems available…


MENA Water is an engineering and manufacturing company specialising in the field of containerised complete Water and Wastewater treatment systems…

Flootech MBBR

One of the significant benefits of FlooBed® MBBR technology for industrial wastewater treatment is that it can be designed for…