Primary Settlement Screen

LIQUID DRUM – The superior alternative to primary sedimentation, with 90% less space

The HUBER LIQUID Drum is an in-channel ultra-fine screen that is used as an alternative to longitudinal and circular primary clarifiers in a sewage treatment plant. The system requires 90% less space than a traditional clarifier resulting in a significant reduction in construction costs, or alternatively freeing up existing tanks that can be reconfigured into aeration basins or wet weather storage.

  • 90% less footprint than a traditional clarifier or sedimentation tank
  • Similar suspended solids removal rate
  • Gravity discharge of sludge to a press for thickening
  • Significant reduction in construction costs, earthworks and structural works
  • Up to 15MLD in a single train
  • Automatic unattended operation
  • Complete stainless steel fabrication