Demineralised Water

The reliable supply of cooling water is key to the effective operation of any power plant. Hydroflux offer a range of technologys specifically designed for:

Intake Screens

Hydroflux, through our technology partnership with Flootech Oy offer a wide range of high flow rate cooling water intake screen solutions to treat various water sources with flow capacities up to 50,000m3/hr.

The screening solutions can be used for both fresh and seawater intakes. These screens have been proven to last, with installations dating back to the 1960’s.

To view further information on Flootech’s range of cooling water intake screens please select from one of the links below:

  • Dual Flow Basket Filters – Course screening to 0.2mm
  • Rotary Drum Filters – for solids removal to 35 – 50 micron

Algae Treatment

For large freshwater reservoirs, seasonal algae blooms can be a challenge for coling tower intake systems. Hydroflux offer proprietary dissolved air flotation systems for management of algae within the cooling systems of power stations.
Through our range of HyDAF and FlooDAF solutions Hydroflux have the capacity to treat up to 1200m3/hr of cooling water in a single DAF system. For extremely difficult algal blooms, additional filtration through our HyPURE MMF and HyPURE UF ensures pristine quality water is provided to the towers.

Seawater cooling tower intakes in regions prone to red tide are also subject to the same chellenges posed by algal blooms. Hydroflx algae treatment solutions can be tailored to use in seawater applications through the use of duplex and super duplex grade steels.

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Power Stations

Wastewater treatment systems for Power Stations Hydroflux Industrial has extensive experience in wastewater treatment from Power Stations including all aspects…