Our Team

The core team at Hydroflux Pacific has dedicated their entire careers to the offering consulting services and the design, engineering, installation, commissioning, and servicing of sustainable water and wastewater treatment systems for municipalities, resorts and manufacturing. With such a wealth of experience, our customers can trust that the solutions we deliver will consistently meet or surpass their expectations.

Paul Cobbin
Hydroflux Pacific CEO

As a leader in the Pacific water sector with over thirty years of experience, I bring a unique perspective and deep understanding of the region’s goals and challenges. My commitment to serving the Blue Pacific Continent drives me to contribute to the sustainability of the region, ensuring the well-being of communities through access to clean water and sanitation.

Throughout my journey, I have encountered various obstacles and gained invaluable insights that have shaped my approach. From humble beginnings as a laborer to assuming a leadership role, I have learned the importance of resilience and perseverance. It is through these experiences, marked by ups and downs, that I have discovered real solutions that make a difference.

However, my true strength lies in the exceptional team I lead. Collaborating with the Hydroflux Group means accessing the collective expertise of the best professionals in the Pacific water sector. Together, we offer a wealth of practical knowledge and firsthand experience, providing clients with solutions that are grounded in real-world understanding rather than theoretical concepts found in technical catalogs.
Clients choose to work with me because I bring more than just a typical CEO perspective. I bring a lifetime of experiences, a commitment to the region, and a team of experts who are passionate about making a positive impact. Together, we strive to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that address the unique needs of the Pacific communities we serve.

Stuart Petersen

Bulla! As a proud Fijian with deep roots in the local community, I bring a wealth of sustainable experiences and a personable approach to Hydroflux Pacific. Throughout my decade-long career in the water treatment industry, I have had the privilege of working with diverse clients ranging from resorts to manufacturing facilities to remote communities across the Pacific region. In each of these projects, I have consistently delivered strategic and innovative solutions that prioritize sustainability.

What sets me apart is my commitment to building meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with my clients. I place great value on understanding their unique needs and continuously seeking opportunities to provide relevant and impactful services. By deeply comprehending the specific requirements of my clients, I can tailor my approach to deliver optimal results while prioritising sustainability.

My experiences in the water treatment industry have equipped me with a diverse set of skills. I adopt a hands-on approach when tackling mechanical, operational, and chemistry-related challenges. This allows me to incorporate industry-specific knowledge into the development of effective and sustainable solutions for water treatment issues. Particularly in the Pacific region, I have discovered that integrating local and industry-specific information is essential in crafting practical and impactful solutions that truly benefit both my clients and the environment.

When you choose to work with me at Hydroflux Pacific, you can expect a personalised and attentive approach. I am dedicated to leveraging my expertise, experience, and industry-specific insights to address your unique water treatment needs while ensuring a sustainable approach. Together, we can overcome challenges and implement solutions that make a real and positive impact, not only for your business but also for the environment and the communities we serve. Vinaka vakalevu!

Sorrell Handforth
Sustainability Engineer

As an engineer and research specialist, I am passionate about developing innovative and sustainable solutions to tackle the complex challenges faced by the Pacific. I bring expertise managing projects in sustainability analysis and strategy, climate risk assessment, water stewardship analysis, and carbon measurement and reduction across a range of sectors including water, manufacturing, infrastructure, retailing and community services. By cultivating meaningful stakeholder relationships, I have supported clients in achieving their strategic goals and future-proofing their operations.

With a particular passion for social enterprise and humanitarian engineering, I have had the privilege of collaborating closely with partners on the ground in Malawi and Rwanda to complete projects targeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Leading teams in microfinancing, agricultural risk assessment and water harvesting projects, I am driven to secure the sustainability of the vital resources that our futures depend on.

Committed to addressing the challenges faced by the Australia-Pacific region, I aim to uncover opportunities for sustainable growth and help secure a resilient, sustainable future.

James Hall

What do you bring to Hydroflux Pacific?

Throughout my career I have had a close association with the water treatment needs of my clients. I have developed a passion for this market place and enjoy the constantly changing challenges generated by our clients and regulatory bodies.

I offer a broad range of knowledge gained through servicing the food & beverage, manufacturing and industrial market places with exposure to hundreds of water treatment plants within ANZ and SE Asia. This experience has given me insight into what does and doesn’t work in each industry. This way, through careful consultation, we can provide you with the most effective treatment plant to suit your individual needs.

What are your experiences in the water treatment industry?

Over 20 years’ experience in the water industry with a strong history in process optimisation and problem solving. I have real hands on experience ranging from the commissioning and operation of ultra-pure reverse osmosis plants through to optimisation of and problem solving complex DAF / biological systems. I also have a thorough understanding of the chemical requirements of individual industries and their water treatment plants.

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