Advanced Drum Screen Technology for the new Farley WWTW

July 14, 2021

The Farley Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTE) was recently upgraded to reduce nutrient loads discharged to the Fishery Creek, which is a tributary of Wallis Creek and the Hunter River. The upgrade will also increase capacity to meet population growth and will enable water reuse.

Hydroflux Epco was selected to provide fine screen technology to protect the most critical part of the new treatment plant, the MBR process.

Considerations – MBR Fine Screen

  • High Screenings Capture
  • Blinding factors
  • Hydraulic integration – water levels and velocities
  • Reliability

Expertise – HUBER Drum Screens

  • Well proven technology, numerous large scale (> 10MLD) MBR installations across Australia, dating back to 2006
  • High screenings capture of >94% protects submerged hollow fibre and flat sheet membranes
  • Over 18 years of process knowledge relating to MBR screen sizing and operation
  • Robust construction – Both inclined and horizontal drum screen technology

Farley WWTW – Installation Details

  • Two (2) HUBER Rotamat® RPPS/2200/2 Inclined Drum Screens
  • Drum aperture: 2mm perforations
  • Capacity: 420 L/s peak flow per screen
  • Integrated screenings washing and compaction to achieve a screenings content of 40%DS
  • Solids outloading includes a horizontal screw conveyor with bypass capability

Click here to learn more about Rotamat® Drum Screen Technology or contact Hydroflux Epco on 1300 417 697.

Rotamat® is a registered trademark of HUBER SE.

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