Commissioning of the Largest HUBER QPRESS® Installation in Australia

June 12, 2019

Following the trend with numerous other water authorities around Australia, two of HUBER’s largest Rotary Screw Presses were recently commissioned for TasWater at the Ti Tree Bend Waste Water Treatment Plant located in Launceston.

Hydroflux supplied these units to Aquatec Maxcon Pty Ltd who was the Head Contactor on the recent upgrade to the TasWater Biosolids Facility at Ti Tree Bend plant.

The units supplied can each process up to half a tonne per hour of dry solids which is generated from the anaerobic digestion process. Each machine is fitted with a 3kW main drive with an operating speed of up to 0.8rpm, an equivalent sized centrifuge would consume in excess of 40kW per hour with speeds over 3500rpm!

Anaerobically digested sludge is dewatered anywhere between 20-22% dry solids which represents a volume reduction of 85 – 88%. Hydroflux has applied the HUBER QPRESS® on a variety of municipal and industrial applications in Australia. Clients welcome the low energy usage, low noise, slow rotational speed, automatic unattended operation and low maintenance requirements.

The rapid uptake of HUBER QPRESS® has led to HUBER to build a separate production line dedicated to these machines which has reduced manufacturing costs and lead times.

These HUBER QPRESS® units complement the existing HUBER SDRUM units which have been in operation since 2005. The SDRUM are thickeners which serve two purposes – WAS thickening and Recuperative thickening.

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