Food Sector Demand Increases

December 22, 2020

Australia’s food sector has seen unprecedented challenges this year and increases in demand for essential food and beverages.

Many Food & Beverage businesses experienced:

  • Changing customer needs
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Currency fluctuations

The Food & Beverage sector is Australia’s largest manufacturing industry comprising 31.4% of total manufacturing turnover and is worth $127.1 billion . The industry is made of more than 15,000 businesses of all sizes that employ over 274,000 people.

The sector was recently given a boost by the Federal Governments in October with their Budget 2020-21 announcement of the $1.5 billion Modern Manufacturing Strategy. This initiative will help Australian manufacturers to scale-up, collaborate and commercialise.

The strategy aims to help Australian Food & Beverage manufacturers scale-up, improve competitiveness and build more resilient supply chains.

Added to this are the 100% write-off rules for capital investment. Businesses with aggregated annual turnover of up to $500 million will be able to deduct the full cost of new depreciable assets and the cost of improvements to existing eligible assets. For small and medium sized businesses, second-hand assets will also be covered.

This will have a strong stimulatory effect to the Food & Beverage industry to expand, innovate, update technology and buy new plant and equipment. This will boost the wider economy as well as ensuring that the Food & Beverage industry will continue:

  • To provide Australians essential foods and groceries
  • Keep the regions with jobs and economic prosperity
  • Sustain regional Australia through the tough times of fires, floods, droughts and pandemics

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