High Efficiency Band Screen Triples Screenings Capture for QLD STP

May 4, 2020

A recent upgrade to a major STP located in Nth Queensland included the retrofit a new inlet works equipment to increase screenings capture and reduce maintenance cost associated with the downstream process.

HUBER Escamax® technology was selected and these screens have been independently verified for 84% screenings capture ratio in the UK WIR Test Facility. At this capture ratio the screenings removal has tripled as compared to the previous screens that were in operation.

Escamax® is a through flow band screen that uses a series of perforated panels that form a continuous band. The through flow profile was selected as the geometry of the screen and hydraulics were such that the equipment was easy to retrofit into the existing channels.

The perforated panels provide a very high screenings capture rate as compared to other screen types. Increased capture reduces the cost of maintenance with associated downstream process equipment such as pumps, mixers and aerators.

Escamax® is available in widths from 500 to 3000mm and in fourteen different heights – capacities range from 30 through to 2500 L/s in a single screen.

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