HUBER RakeMax® Bar Screen With 75% Capture Perfect for Retrofits

April 9, 2019

RakeMax® is a multi rake bar screen that is used for screening sewage, wastewater, stormwater and river water.

It can cope with large volumes of screenings and coarse objects such as rocks, pebbles and pieces of wood. Some 1500+ units have been installed around the world.

Recently a 3mm wedgewire version of the RakeMax® was tested at the UK WIR Test Facility located in Chester Le Street STP, UK. With HUBER’s innovative bar rack that uses wedgewire the screen was certified to achieve a Screenings Capture Ratio of 75%. This is outstanding considering it’s a raked bar screen. By comparison, HUBER’s Escamax with 5mm perforated plate achieved 84%.

RakeMax® is suited to retrofits of older screens were higher screenings capture is desired, but the channel dimensions and hydraulics do not allow a perforated plate screen to be installed.

The screen is available in widths from 500 to 3000mm and comes in 15 different heights. So it can suit any channel installation. The wedgewire versions are available from 2 – 6mm.

If you would like more information on RakeMax®, please click here.

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