Hydroflux Launches its New Brand – Hydroflux Epco

December 3, 2017

Hydroflux Group has announced the launch of Hydroflux Epco – its new brand in the wastewater market.

Hydroflux Epco Rebrand Announcement

Hydroflux Epco combines wastewater innovator Hydroflux HUBER with EPCO Australia, who is one of Australia’s earliest and longest standing water companies.

This combined powerhouse will provide a full range of treatment technologies across the water spectrum, and will incorporate EPCO’s well proven technologies used in the municipal, industrial and mining sectors.

Hydroflux Epco’s expertise encompasses over 1000 references throughout Australia, Asia Pacific, Middle East and UK, dating back to 1961.

Together with continuing relationships with global leaders HUBER Technology®, Aerostrip® and Organica®, Hydroflux Epco is positioned to become Australasia’s leading water technology group.

Please visit Hydroflux Epco’s updated website www.hydrofluxepco.com.au for further information on Hydroflux Epco’s extensive/expanded product range.

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