Process Water

Hydroflux, as a local water solutions provider, recognises the significance of high-quality process water for industrial operations. By partnering with Hydroflux, industrial customers can ensure the availability of reliable and pristine process water for your manufacturing process, tailored to their specific requirements.

Hydroflux has a range of products designed to generate process water including:

  • Multimedia Filters,
  • Activated Carbon Filters,
  • Ion Exchange,
  • Demineralisation,
  • Micro Filtration, and Ultra Filtration
  • The unique NX Nano Filtration systems,
  • Reverse Osmosis.

The range of Hydroflux process water equipment is comprehensive and can be configured to treat water from any source including secondary treated wastewater to generate potable and ultrapure water.

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Hydroflux specialises in supplying advanced equipment for the treatment of process water in manufacturing. Their membrane processes, including reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration (UF), effectively remove dissolved solids, minerals, and impurities, providing exceptional quality purified water for various industrial applications. Hydroflux’s demineralisation and ion exchange technologies allow manufacturers to tailor their water treatment to eliminate specific minerals or ions that may disrupt their unique manufacturing processes. Additionally, Hydroflux offers disinfection solutions such as chlorination, UV irradiation, or ozone treatment to ensure the water is free from harmful microorganisms.

By partnering with Hydroflux, manufacturers gain access to reliable and cutting-edge equipment, enabling them to achieve optimal water quality for smooth and efficient manufacturing operations.


Multimedia filtration | MF and UF | NX filtration | Reverse Osmosis | Ion exchange

Multimedia filtration

Pressurised media filtration provides a simple solution to treating raw water and process water to remove fine particulates, colloidal solids as well dissolved organics and heavy metals.

With some modifications to the process, the MMF systems can be design to accommodate Greensand to enhance metal removal or activated carbon for numerous other applications.

The HyPURE range of MMF can be utilised in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Pretreatment of advanced water from industrial process water sources.
  • Production of process and potable water for industry from bore water and surface water supplies.
  • Pretreatment prior to demineralisation or ion exchange.
  • Pretreatment prior to HyPURE RO for hygienic process water or production of infant formula, dairy products, beverages, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.
  • Treatment of process water to meet strict environmental discharge standard – particularly with the inclusion of green sand media.
  • As a component in Zero liquid discharge plants from industrial processes.

Our expertise in process water gives us a unique edge in the industry, as we design our systems to manage water sources with the highest risk of scaling and biofouling. This conservative approach leads to extended filter life, low energy consumption, minimum downtime and maximum recovery.


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MF and UF

Hydroflux design and supply a range of robust HyPURE® UF ultrafiltration (and MF microfiltration) systems, with standard sizes ranging from 10m3/hr to 200m3/hr. Hydroflux Ultrafiltration systems can be easily integrated with our HyDAF or HySEP clarifier to improve treated water quality in a wide range of applications.

Hydroflux solutions range from robust systems designed for the tough conditions recycling industrial process water through to high purity systems for pretreamtent of process water in food, power and semiconductor applications.


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NX filtration

The unique HyPURE® NX hollow fibre nanofiltration cross flow modules provide numerous benefits over spiral wound designs and offers new opportunities for water reuse, potable, and process water treatment.

HyPURE® NX uses direct nanofiltration hollow fibre membranes that can remove organics, hardness, micro-pollutants, colour, medical residues, PFAS and endocrine disruptors from contaminated water streams.

Unlike RO systems, HyPURE® NX does not target the rejection of dissolved inorganic salts and will often achieve a suitable water quality for discharge or high-quality reuse, without the challenges associated with the production and costly disposal of a concentrated salt or brine stream.


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Reverse Osmosis

The Hydroflux HyPURE® range of brackish water reverse osmosis systems’ offer high efficiency, a low energy design and exceptional performance in many industrial applications.

The HyPURE® range of brackish RO systems can be utilised in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Production of advanced water from industrial process water sources, including waste-to-potable for direct food contact in the food and beverage industry
  • Production of process and potable water for industry from bore water and surface water supplies
  • Production of demineralised water for steam boiler make-up
  • Hygienic process water or production of infant formula, dairy products, beverages, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products
  • Generation of ultrapure water for semi-conductor, electronics, solar cell production and laboratories
  • Treatment of waste to meet strict environmental discharge standard
  • Zero liquid discharge from industrial processes


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Ion exchange

Hydroflux® design and manufacture a wide range of ion exchange solutions for industry These systems range from very small, non-regenerable systems to full turnkey systems treating >1,000m3/hr with bulk chemical handling facilities for regenerant make-up.

Through our long term partnership with Flootech Oy, Hydroflux supplies a range of high capacity stainless steel ion exchange systems. FlooIX systems suitable for the pulp & paper, mining, petrochemical and other heavy industries for production of high volumes of demineralised water for steam and power production. FlooIX systems are also implemented in condensate polishing, to purify return condensate for reuse back within boiler system.


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Hydroflux, as a local water solutions provider, recognises the significance of high-quality process water for industrial operations. By partnering with Hydroflux, industrial customers can ensure the availability of reliable process water, tailored to their specific requirements. We can offer the following support services from our local offices

1. Service and Support: Hydroflux can offer ongoing service and support for the wastewater treatment plant. This includes regular inspections, troubleshooting, and repairs to ensure the system operates efficiently. They can also provide 24/7 emergency response to address any unforeseen issues promptly.

2.Preventive Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential for the optimal performance and longevity of the wastewater treatment plant. Hydroflux can develop a customized maintenance schedule based on the specific needs of the plant. This includes tasks such as equipment cleaning, calibration, and component replacement to prevent breakdowns and optimize system efficiency.

3.Chemical Supply and Management: Proper chemical treatment is crucial for effective process water treatment. Hydroflux can supply the necessary chemicals, such as coagulants, flocculants, pH adjusters, and disinfectants, tailored to the industrial customer’s specific process water characteristics. They can also assist in chemical dosage optimization and provide guidance on safe handling and storage.

4.Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Hydroflux can implement a monitoring system to continuously assess the performance of the treatment plant. They can collect data on key parameters, such as effluent quality, flow rates, and energy consumption. By analyzing this data, they can identify any deviations or trends and provide regular reports to the industrial customer, offering insights into the plant’s performance and recommending improvements if necessary.

5.Technical Expertise and Training: Hydroflux’s team of experts can provide technical assistance and training to the industrial customer’s staff. They can offer guidance on operating procedures, troubleshooting techniques, and best practices for maximizing the efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant. This empowers the customer’s employees to handle routine tasks and minor issues independently.

6.Regulatory Compliance: Environmental regulations and permits governing wastewater discharge can be complex and ever-changing. Hydroflux can stay updated with the latest regulations and assist the industrial customer in ensuring compliance. They can provide guidance on monitoring requirements, data reporting, and permit renewals to help the customer avoid penalties and maintain regulatory compliance.

By partnering with Hydroflux, industrial customers can benefit from specialized services, regular maintenance, reliable chemical supply, and technical expertise. This partnership ensures the smooth operation of the wastewater treatment plant, maximizes its performance, and allows the customer to focus on their core business while meeting environmental compliance requirements effectively.


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Hydroflux specialies in not only the design and manufacture of process equipment to various industries but also excels in supporting industrial customers with the planning and execution of wastewater treatment plants. The comprehensive process generally encompasses the following key stages:

1.Initial Assessment: We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your process water characteristics, volume, and regulatory requirements. Our team will the  analyse your specific treatment needs to determine the optimal approach for designing a wastewater treatment plant.

2.Design and Engineering: Our experienced engineers and experts develop a tailored design for your wastewater treatment plant. Taking into account factors such as pollutant types, desired effluent quality, space constraints, budget considerations, and environmental regulations, we create a design that best meets your requirements.

3.Permitting and Compliance: We assist you in obtaining the necessary permits and ensure compliance with local, regional, and national regulations. Our team guides you through the regulatory framework, ensuring that your wastewater treatment plant design meets all the required standards and guidelines.

4.Equipment Selection and Procurement: We provide expert advice on the selection and procurement of suitable equipment and technologies for your wastewater treatment plant. Considering factors such as treatment efficiency, reliability, maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness, we help you choose the right equipment. We may also collaborate with trusted suppliers or manufacturers to source the necessary equipment.

5.Installation and Construction: Our dedicated team manages the installation and construction phase of your wastewater treatment plant. We coordinate with contractors, oversee project timelines, and ensure that the plant is built according to the approved design and engineering specifications.

6.Commissioning and Start-up: We assist in the commissioning and start-up of your wastewater treatment plant. Our team conducts thorough testing, optimizes the system’s performance, and provides operator training on plant operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

7.Ongoing Operation and Maintenance: We offer ongoing support, including regular maintenance, performance monitoring, and optimization services for your wastewater treatment plant. We can provide remote monitoring systems or conduct on-site visits to ensure that your plant continues to meet performance targets and regulatory requirements.

Throughout the entire process, we collaborate closely with you, ensuring transparency and engagement at each stage. We provide technical expertise, project management, and guidance to ensure the successful design and implementation of a wastewater treatment plant that meets your specific needs and environmental obligations.


Hydroflux MFF with Greensand for metal removal Hydroflux MFF with Greensand for metal removal