Waste to Energy

Hydroflux offers a range of products and services designed to generate energy from process water, sludge and biosolids, including; anaerobic digester systems, biogas storage, biogas treatment, gas flares, H2S removal systems and scrubbers, biogas blowers, activated carbon filters and biomethane upgrading.

In conjunction with our prestigious and experienced international partners including ATT Biogas Technology from Austria and the German business Folien GmbH Monheim, our range of anaerobic digestion and bioenergy equipment is comprehensive. We can support you from the design concept to a completed Waste to Energy project throughout the Pacific region, reducing carbon emissions and producing green energy.

Approximately 1000 facilities are being operated with expertise and components provided by Hydroflux and AAT. Since 1993, more than 130 large-scale facilities have been established in 30 countries.

We understand the requirements of remote locations and environmental considerations of the South Pacific Island nations. We work with our clients to understand their needs, available resources and any other local requirements. Taking this information into account we are then able to provide guidance on the most suitable solutions available.

Bioenergy Roadmap

Many regions in the Pacific have demonstrated interest and taken steps to promote the development of bioenergy through the utilisation of bioenergy roadmaps. Hydroflux is well-versed in this process and can provide assistance in the development of such roadmaps for industrial clients.

A bioenergy roadmap serves as a strategic plan that defines the vision, goals, strategies, and actions required to foster the use of bioenergy as a sustainable and renewable energy source. It acts as a guiding document for policymakers, stakeholders, and the wider community, facilitating the advancement of bioenergy technologies and resources in terms of their development, deployment, and utilisation.

Biomethane upgrading technology has reached a mature and proven stage, with installations worldwide spanning over a decade, largely driven by our international partners. Hydroflux Pacific is ideally positioned to not only offer support during the planning stages but also implement tailored solutions through its local offices and extensive network. We possess a wide range of technologies that can be customized to meet the unique needs of individual businesses.

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AAT & Hydroflux Pacific provide solutions, no matter from what source material you generate biogas.

The conversion of organic material into biogas is a convincing concept both from an economic and ecological perspective. Instead of disposing of materials at high costs or using other less lucrative recycling options, the material and energy is wholly utilised and fully converted into marketable products whilst reducing CO2 and Methane emissions.

There are a multitude of potential sources of feedstock for anaerobic digestion, such as:

  • Distilleries
  • Breweries
  • Dairy processors
  • Food processors
  • Pre-sorted municipal waste
  • Water treatments plants
  • Farm manure

AAT has designed and realised biogas facilities for over 150 different substrates where the gained biogas is converted into electricity and long-distance heating or prepared as bio-methane. The remaining digestate can also be converted into valuable fertilizer.

Sludge from primary water treatment, expired food and organic food waste, animal manure, spent grain from brewing or distilling are some examples.


An AAT, bioenergy plant handling 30000 Tons/annum of sewage sludge, 44000 Tons/annum of food waste and 11000 Tons/annum of fruit- and vegetable waste. The plant yields over 23000 m3/day of biogas producing 2.4 MW of electrical energy per day

AAT plants have been operating internationally for many years, offering successful sludge digestion solutions to large-scale farms, waste disposal companies, and the food industry. AAT is a trusted partner that collaborates with Hydroflux Pacific to provide comprehensive treatment systems and plant equipment, including modular units like waste pre-treatment and pasteurization. With our combined expertise, we deliver competent solutions for efficient and effective waste management and treatment processes in the Pacific region

Hydroflux has partnered with Baur Folien GmbH based in Germany, a market leader and specialists in the selection, design, supply, manufacture, and installation of high-quality gas storage equipment to maximise the product reliability whilst reducing the project lifecycle costs.

Biogas storage systems are suitable for:

  • Biowaste
  • Food Waste
  • OFMSW AD (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste)
  • Sewage gas for industrial WWTP
  • Landfill gas

Baur Folien GmbH has been providing customers with customised solutions for over 30 years with a record of up to 9.000 successfully implemented projects worldwide.


Gas Storage for Industry 

Double membrane gas storage systems represent the cutting-edge technology in biogas storage. These systems are highly robust and durable, capable of storing variable amounts of gas while maintaining a constant pressure.

The outer layer of the system consists of a weather protection foil, which effectively shields the integrated inner gas storage foil from wind and rain. This protective barrier ensures the longevity of the gas storage membrane, enabling it to provide extended service life. The use of high-quality materials enhances chemical resistance and minimises diffusion rates, even under higher operating pressures.

Double membrane gas storage systems can be installed on various structures, including in-situ concrete, precast, or suitable steel tanks. The flexibility of the gas storage membrane allows it to adapt to the gas production levels. Additionally, the shape and colour of the gas storage covers can be customised to meet specific requirements and customer preferences.

The shape and colour of the gas storage covers can be customised to meet specific requirements and customer preferences.


Hydroflux can supply a range of biogas treatment systems that are engineered to maximise the recovery and utilisation of biogas and will typically comprise:

  • Biogas Flares
  • Biogas Blowers
  • Biogas Chilling & Biogas Skids
  • Biogas Scrubbing

Hydroflux supply a range of high-quality biogas equipment including flares, blowers, chillers and scrubbing systems


Biogas Flares | Biogas Blowers | Biogas Chilling & Biogas Skids | Biogas Scrubbing

Biogas Flares

The Hydroflux range of biogas flares is designed to safely burn off biogas generated from organic waste during anaerobic digestion processes when it is not being processed and used as an energy source. By utilising our flares, you can effectively manage and control biogas emissions while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Each biogas flare in our range is equipped with a burner assembly, pilot flame, and flame arrestor. We prioritise quality and compliance with industry standards, ensuring that our flares meet the necessary safety and performance requirements. Our flares are specifically designed to handle varying volumes and compositions of biogas, providing efficient and reliable combustion for all industrial applications.

Hydroflux provide flares to suit any industrial biogas application


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Biogas Blowers

Hydroflux has access to a comprehensive range of blowers, including the specialised Himmel GVD Biogas blower, designed for operation with wet biogas.

Biogas blowers, also known as gas blowers or biogas compressors, are devices specifically designed to handle the compression and movement of biogas. The primary function of biogas blowers is to increase the pressure of the biogas, allowing for its efficient transportation, storage, or utilisation. These blowers help overcome the natural low-pressure characteristics of biogas, enabling it to be effectively delivered to various downstream applications.

When selecting a biogas blower, it is essential to consider factors such as reliability, energy efficiency, and compatibility with the specific biogas composition. Hydroflux has access to a comprehensive range of blowers, including the specialised Himmel GVD Biogas blower, designed for operation with wet biogas.

Whether you need a blower for a small-scale biogas system or a larger industrial application, Hydroflux can provide the right solution. With a focus on reliability, energy efficiency, and compatibility with different biogas compositions.

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Biogas Chilling (Moisture removal) and Biogas Skids (Moisture removal and gas pressure boosting)

Digester produced biogas is 100% water saturated and as it cools in the lines to the point of reuse, large amounts of water can condense in the piping system and the combustion device.

There are multiple benefits in drying biogas to a low dew point before combustion in a combined heat and power (CHP) engine or boiler. Hydroflux can incorporate the most suitable biogas cooling and collection system into the treatment process. These can be offered with or without compressors for gas pressure boosting.

Typical biogas chilling and pressure boosting diagram.

Some of the benefits of working with Hydroflux to design and provide biogas chilling and moistrure removal systems include:

  • Increased engine/boiler efficiency
  • Prevention of corrosion/oil contamination
  • Partial removal of impurities such as H2S, ammonia and siloxanes
  • Complying with technical instruction of gas engine/boiler suppliers

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Biogas Scrubbing (Desulphurisation)

Hydroflux specialises in providing top-quality scrubbers to enhance the purification and usability of biogas, ensuring compliance with industry standards and environmental regulations.

Our biogas scrubbers are designed to remove impurities and contaminants, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), moisture, siloxanes, and carbon dioxide (CO2), from biogas generated through anaerobic digestion. By employing advanced technologies and proven methodologies, we offer efficient and reliable solutions for upgrading biogas to a higher purity level.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your biogas composition, determine the optimal scrubbing techniques, and customise a solution that fits your biogas plant setup. We offer a range of scrubbing methods, including biological desulfurisation, chemical scrubbing, adsorption, condensation, membrane separation, and more, ensuring we can deliver the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your needs.

Our scrubbers are manufactured using high-quality materials and adhere to stringent industry standards, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

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Hydroflux, as a local water solutions provider, recognises the significance of high-quality process water for industrial operations. By partnering with Hydroflux, industrial customers can ensure the availability of reliable process water, tailored to their specific requirements. We can offer the following support services form our local offices.

1.Service and Support: Hydroflux can offer ongoing service and support for the wastewater treatment plant. This includes regular inspections, troubleshooting, and repairs to ensure the system operates efficiently. They can also provide 24/7 emergency response to address any unforeseen issues promptly.

2.Preventive Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential for the optimal performance and longevity of the wastewater treatment plant. Hydroflux can develop a customized maintenance schedule based on the specific needs of the plant. This includes tasks such as equipment cleaning, calibration, and component replacement to prevent breakdowns and optimize system efficiency.

3.Chemical Supply and Management: Proper chemical treatment is crucial for effective wastewater treatment. Hydroflux can supply the necessary chemicals, such as coagulants, flocculants, pH adjusters, and disinfectants, tailored to the industrial customer’s specific wastewater characteristics. They can also assist in chemical dosage optimization and provide guidance on safe handling and storage.

4.Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Hydroflux can implement a monitoring system to continuously assess the performance of the treatment plant. They can collect data on key parameters, such as effluent quality, flow rates, and energy consumption. By analyzing this data, they can identify any deviations or trends and provide regular reports to the industrial customer, offering insights into the plant’s performance and recommending improvements if necessary.

5.Technical Expertise and Training: Hydroflux’s team of experts can provide technical assistance and training to the industrial customer’s staff. They can offer guidance on operating procedures, troubleshooting techniques, and best practices for maximizing the efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant. This empowers the customer’s employees to handle routine tasks and minor issues independently.

6.Regulatory Compliance: Environmental regulations and permits governing wastewater discharge can be complex and ever-changing. Hydroflux can stay updated with the latest regulations and assist the industrial customer in ensuring compliance. They can provide guidance on monitoring requirements, data reporting, and permit renewals to help the customer avoid penalties and maintain regulatory compliance.

By partnering with Hydroflux, industrial customers can benefit from specialized services, regular maintenance, reliable chemical supply, and technical expertise. This partnership ensures the smooth operation of the wastewater treatment plant, maximizes its performance, and allows the customer to focus on their core business while meeting environmental compliance requirements effectively.


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Hydroflux specialies in not only the design and manufacture of process equipment to various industries but also excels in supporting industrial customers with the planning and execution of wastewater treatment plants. The comprehensive process generally encompasses the following key stages:

1.Initial Assessment: We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your wastewater characteristics, volume, and regulatory requirements. Our team will the  analyse your specific treatment needs to determine the optimal approach for designing a wastewater treatment plant.

2.Design and Engineering: Our experienced engineers and experts develop a tailored design for your wastewater treatment plant. Taking into account factors such as pollutant types, desired effluent quality, space constraints, budget considerations, and environmental regulations, we create a design that best meets your requirements.

3.Permitting and Compliance: We assist you in obtaining the necessary permits and ensure compliance with local, regional, and national regulations. Our team guides you through the regulatory framework, ensuring that your wastewater treatment plant design meets all the required standards and guidelines.

4.Equipment Selection and Procurement: We provide expert advice on the selection and procurement of suitable equipment and technologies for your wastewater treatment plant. Considering factors such as treatment efficiency, reliability, maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness, we help you choose the right equipment. We may also collaborate with trusted suppliers or manufacturers to source the necessary equipment.

5.Installation and Construction: Our dedicated team manages the installation and construction phase of your wastewater treatment plant. We coordinate with contractors, oversee project timelines, and ensure that the plant is built according to the approved design and engineering specifications.

6.Commissioning and Start-up: We assist in the commissioning and start-up of your wastewater treatment plant. Our team conducts thorough testing, optimizes the system’s performance, and provides operator training on plant operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

7.Ongoing Operation and Maintenance: We offer ongoing support, including regular maintenance, performance monitoring, and optimization services for your wastewater treatment plant. We can provide remote monitoring systems or conduct on-site visits to ensure that your plant continues to meet performance targets and regulatory requirements.

At Hydroflux, we are committed to delivering efficient and sustainable waste-to-energy solutions. Contact us today to discuss your waste-to-energy project and let us help you turn your waste into a valuable energy resource.

Throughout the entire process, we collaborate closely with you, ensuring transparency and engagement at each stage. We provide technical expertise, project management, and guidance to ensure the successful design and implementation of a wastewater treatment plant that meets your specific needs and environmental obligations.