Hydroflux Pacific specialises in addressing the unique challenges faced by industry and the environmental considerations of South Pacific Island nations. We have experience in the treatment of wastewater from most industrial sectors including food and beverage to a range of manufacturing processes to comply with trade waste requirements or environmental discharge.

Whether you are discharging wastewater to the local sewer network or directly into the environment, we are dedicated to designing and constructing wastewater  treatment plants that meet the specific requirements set by the respective regulators. By working closely with our clients, we gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs, available resources, and any other local considerations. This information enables us to provide tailored guidance on the most suitable solutions available.

With our in-depth knowledge and local presence in the Pacific region,  and our  track record of success, we are well-equipped to address your specific needs and guide you towards the most suitable solutions for your location and discharge requirements..

If you would like to learn more about our product offerings or explore complete solutions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us through our enquiry email or give us a call at +679 7736950. We look forward to assisting you.

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Design and engineering
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Hydroflux possesses expertise in designing and building wastewater  treatment plants specifically tailored for the manufacturing, mining  and food production industries. We approach each project individually, carefully considering its unique characteristics, performance requirements, as well as cost considerations such as capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenditure (OPEX). Our solutions incorporate process equipment and designs predominantly sourced from our proprietary range, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Furthermore, we offer turnkey design and construction contracts, providing a comprehensive and seamless experience for our clients.

Trade Waste | Environmental Discharge | Sludge Handling

Trade waste

When wastewater is being discharged to sewer via a trade waste agreement, the ideal process depends on the manufacturing process and the discharge requirements but will frequently involve one or more, or a variation of the following processes.

In the case of trade waste generated from manufacturing processes, Hydroflux commonly provides automated rotary screens, along with flow balancing mechanisms to account for fluctuations in flow and effluent load commonly encountered in manufacturing facilities. To achieve compliance with trade waste discharge regulations, it is often necessary to implement chemical programs involving pH control, coagulation, and flocculation. These processes are typically applied upstream of a HyDAF system or clarifier, enabling effective treatment and ensuring compliance with trade waste discharge requirements.

Hydroflux has installed hundreds of DAF systems to treat industrial wastewater across the Asia Pacific region. For more information on DAF systems please click here.

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Environmental Discharge

The discharge of wastewater into the environment necessitates a higher level of treatment to ensure environmental protection and compliance. This typically involves implementing a biological process that effectively removes organic substances and nutrients that may otherwise pose a threat to the receiving water body.

The specific treatment process employed depends on the actual manufacturing process and the discharge requirements but will usually involve a combination or variation of the following processes shown below. In cases where the water quality is exceptionally high, there are often opportunities to implement wastewater reuse practices within certain areas of the production facility, promoting sustainability.

After undergoing pre-treatment to remove gross solids and grease, water intended for discharge into the environment will need to undergo treatment in an aerobic wastewater treatment plant. Hydroflux has extensive experience in designing and constructing various types of aerobic treatment plants. These include the HySMART SBR (Sequential Biological Reactor), MBBRs (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors), MBRs (Membrane Biofilm Reactors), conventional activated sludge plants, and the unique Organica system. The Organica system resembles a natural greenhouse or botanical garden, providing an aesthetically pleasing visual that blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

In addition, Hydroflux has expertise in designing and constructing anaerobic plants, which are particularly suitable for handling high organic loads commonly found in breweries and distilleries, among other industries. Anaerobic systems offer environmental sustainability as they convert pollutants into biogas, which can be utilised as a fuel source.

A HySmart  SBR installed at a poultry processing plant in Fiji following primary screening and solids removal in a HyDAF. For more information on Hydroflux’s range of biological processes, please click here.

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Sludge Handling

Sludge is a common by-product of wastewater treatment processes, and its composition and properties vary depending on the specific treatment methods and wastewater characteristics. At Hydroflux, we possess extensive expertise in effectively treating and managing sludge generated from all type of wastewater treatment processes.

Proper management and disposal of sludge are essential elements of wastewater treatment to optimise wastewater treatment plant efficiencies and our team at Hydroflux Pacific is well-versed in the regulations  and costs surrounding sludge disposal. The most basic and standard approach is to consider thickening or dewatering techniques, which involve mechanical devices that reduce the sludge’s water content, thereby minimising its volume and facilitating more cost-effective handling and transportation. We have access to cutting-edge sludge dewatering technologies such as the Huber Screw press, as well as belt presses and centrifuges for this purpose.

Two Huber screw presses installed at a poultry processing plant in Fiji. Two units were selected to segregate primary and secondary sludge to meet regulatory requirements and optimise disposal costs.

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on sludge treatment technologies that enable resource recovery. These innovative technologies can extract valuable components from the sludge, such as energy through biogas production, nutrients through struvite recovery, and organic matter through composting or anaerobic digestion. The applicability of these technologies depends on factors such as the type and volume of sludge, as well as the available disposal options. It is crucial to ensure that sludge management practices comply fully with environmental regulations and promote sustainable resource utilisation or safe disposal. At Hydroflux Pacific, we possess the knowledge and expertise to determine the most suitable technology for sludge management based on local regulations and cost considerations.

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Renting wastewater treatment equipment offers a practical and cost-effective solution for businesses and organiations seeking temporary or short-term wastewater treatment capabilities. It also provides an opportunity to fully evaluate the selected process before making a long-term investment.

Hydroflux offers a range of rental processes for wastewater treatment and sludge handling with the Huber screw press sludge dewatering plant being the most utilised. This system allows users to assess the suitability, dosage requirements, and associated costs of investing in dewatering equipment. The screw press is also available for medium-term hire to desludge ponds and lagoons.

Hydroflux rental equipment is designed for quick setup and installation and is often preconfigured and ready to use upon delivery. Hydroflux provides assistance with installation, initial operation, and operator training, ensuring a smooth and efficient establishment process. When renting equipment from Hydroflux, you can expect reliable technical support throughout the rental period. We offer guidance on equipment operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance to optimise performance and address any operational challenges that may arise. This support helps determine the suitability of more permanent wastewater treatment solutions.

By choosing Hydroflux for rental equipment, you can be confident in receiving comprehensive assistance, ensuring a successful rental experience and gaining valuable insights into the performance and feasibility of different wastewater treatment options.

The robust design of the HUBER screw press, coupled with low energy consumption and low maintenance requirements means that the rental plant is easily maintained even in locations with limited accessibility for operators. The screw press provides a simple, high performance system that offers an attractive life cycle value compared to centrifuges or belt presses. The plant is specifically tailored to operate in the most remote areas without mains power (generator required).

Designed to dewater all types of:

  • Industrial & municipal sludges
  • Pond sludge
  • Primary sludges (from DAF or clarifier)
  • Secondary sludges (aerobic, anaerobic, WAS)
  • Clay & mud-based sludges (construction, excavation)
  • Greasy sludges (grease-trap, rendering)
  • High-pH sludges (lime based, metal hydroxide)

Our team of experienced consultants from Cress Consulting, a division of The Hydroflux Group are committed to uncovering opportunities for sustainable growth. These include:

  • Climate resilience: We assess climate risks and determine climate adaptation responses to strengthen your plant’s resilience to a changing climate.
  • Water stewardship: We help industrial clients adopt effective water stewardship practices, identify risks and opportunities and support collaboration to address shared water challenges.
  • Sustainability Strategy: We work closely with industrial clients to assess current practices, identify opportunities to enhance sustainability, design and implement a comprehensive sustainability strategy.
  • ESG reporting: Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your plant’s sustainability practices, identifying areas for improvement and developing an ESG strategy to maximise positive impact and enhance transparency.
  • Carbon accounting and emissions reduction: Our team help plants measure, manage, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We conduct carbon assessments, develop emission reduction plan, and support the implementation of a roadmap to enhance the transition to net zero.
  • Training and Capacity Building: We provide training programs to enhance staff knowledge on climate change, water stewardship and other sustainable practices as well as support effective implementation of strategies, plans and programs.

Our expertise and comprehensive solutions will help you secure a resilient, sustainable future.

Hydroflux specialies in not only the design and manufacture of process equipment to various industries but also excels in supporting industrial customers with the planning and execution of wastewater treatment plants. The comprehensive process generally encompasses the following key stages:

1.Initial Assessment: We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your wastewater characteristics, volume, and regulatory requirements. Our team will the  analyse your specific treatment needs to determine the optimal approach for designing a wastewater treatment plant.

2.Design and Engineering: Our experienced engineers and experts develop a tailored design for your wastewater treatment plant. Taking into account factors such as pollutant types, desired effluent quality, space constraints, budget considerations, and environmental regulations, we create a design that best meets your requirements.

3.Permitting and Compliance: We assist you in obtaining the necessary permits and ensure compliance with local, regional, and national regulations. Our team guides you through the regulatory framework, ensuring that your wastewater treatment plant design meets all the required standards and guidelines.

4.Equipment Selection and Procurement: We provide expert advice on the selection and procurement of suitable equipment and technologies for your wastewater treatment plant. Considering factors such as treatment efficiency, reliability, maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness, we help you choose the right equipment. We may also collaborate with trusted suppliers or manufacturers to source the necessary equipment.

5.Installation and Construction: Our dedicated team manages the installation and construction phase of your wastewater treatment plant. We coordinate with contractors, oversee project timelines, and ensure that the plant is built according to the approved design and engineering specifications.

6.Commissioning and Start-up: We assist in the commissioning and start-up of your wastewater treatment plant. Our team conducts thorough testing, optimizes the system’s performance, and provides operator training on plant operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

7.Ongoing Operation and Maintenance: We offer ongoing support, including regular maintenance, performance monitoring, and optimization services for your wastewater treatment plant. We can provide remote monitoring systems or conduct on-site visits to ensure that your plant continues to meet performance targets and regulatory requirements.

Throughout the entire process, we collaborate closely with you, ensuring transparency and engagement at each stage. We provide technical expertise, project management, and guidance to ensure the successful design and implementation of a wastewater treatment plant that meets your specific needs and environmental obligations.


Hydroflux, as a local water solutions provider, recognises the significance of high-quality process water for industrial operations. By partnering with Hydroflux, industrial customers can ensure the availability of reliable process water, tailored to their specific requirements. We can offer the following support services form our local offices.

1.Service and Support: Hydroflux can offer ongoing service and support for the wastewater treatment plant. This includes regular inspections, troubleshooting, and repairs to ensure the system operates efficiently. They can also provide 24/7 emergency response to address any unforeseen issues promptly.

2.Preventive Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential for the optimal performance and longevity of the wastewater treatment plant. Hydroflux can develop a customized maintenance schedule based on the specific needs of the plant. This includes tasks such as equipment cleaning, calibration, and component replacement to prevent breakdowns and optimize system efficiency.

3.Chemical Supply and Management: Proper chemical treatment is crucial for effective wastewater treatment. Hydroflux can supply the necessary chemicals, such as coagulants, flocculants, pH adjusters, and disinfectants, tailored to the industrial customer’s specific wastewater characteristics. They can also assist in chemical dosage optimization and provide guidance on safe handling and storage.

4.Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Hydroflux can implement a monitoring system to continuously assess the performance of the treatment plant. They can collect data on key parameters, such as effluent quality, flow rates, and energy consumption. By analyzing this data, they can identify any deviations or trends and provide regular reports to the industrial customer, offering insights into the plant’s performance and recommending improvements if necessary.

5.Technical Expertise and Training: Hydroflux’s team of experts can provide technical assistance and training to the industrial customer’s staff. They can offer guidance on operating procedures, troubleshooting techniques, and best practices for maximizing the efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant. This empowers the customer’s employees to handle routine tasks and minor issues independently.

6.Regulatory Compliance: Environmental regulations and permits governing wastewater discharge can be complex and ever-changing. Hydroflux can stay updated with the latest regulations and assist the industrial customer in ensuring compliance. They can provide guidance on monitoring requirements, data reporting, and permit renewals to help the customer avoid penalties and maintain regulatory compliance.

By partnering with Hydroflux, industrial customers can benefit from specialized services, regular maintenance, reliable chemical supply, and technical expertise. This partnership ensures the smooth operation of the wastewater treatment plant, maximizes its performance, and allows the customer to focus on their core business while meeting environmental compliance requirements effectively.


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