Modern Inlet Works for the Muswellbrook RWTW

January 6, 2020

The newly completed Muswellbrook Recycle Water Treatment Works was recently commissioned and will produce up 3.2 MLD of recycled water to enable reuse within the region.

As part of the works, a new screening and grit removal facility was provided to remove gross solids, screenings, plastics, rags and sand from the sewage to protect the downstream process.

Hydroflux provided the full inlet works package which consisted of:

  • HUBER Rotamat Inclined Drum Screens with Integrated Screenings Washing and Compaction
  • HyTorq Vortex Circular Grit Trap Mechanism
  • HUBER RoSF4 Advanced Grit Washing Classifier with Feed Pump
  • Dewatered screenings and grit transfer conveyo

The HUBER Rotamat Screens utilize a high efficiency perforated drum that removes a majority of screenings that would otherwise accumulate in the downstream process and lead to increased maintenance requirements.

The screenings and grit that are removed are washed to remove organics which results in a clean product that is free of vermin and odour and has a high solid content that reduces offsite transport/disposal costs.

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