Multiple HUBER QPRESS units ordered for Lowood STP

February 13, 2019

Hydroflux has been awarded another project that includes the supply of HUBER’s QPRESS sludge dewatering technology.

The Lowood STP which is under construction will be provided with 2 x HUBER QPRESS units, each capable of processing 16kL/h of waste activated sludge.

HUBER QPRESS has proven to be the best sludge dewatering technology on the market. We have seen hundreds of these machines installed around the world and the same applies to Australia.

Currently Hydroflux have over 20 x HUBER QPRESS units being installed or commissioned in wastewater treatment plants across Australia and the Pacific.

The high performance, ultra low energy consumption and simple maintenance is what makes the HUBER QPRESS such an attractive technology” says John Koumoukelis, Director of the Hydroflux Group.HUBER QPRESS is a slow speed inclined screw press that is used to dewater sludge generated from wastewater treatment. It achieves high volume reductions which leads to reductions in sludge disposal volumes and hence cost of transport. Being a slow speed technology (<1rpm) the QPRESS is extremely energy efficient with little maintenance required.

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