Municipal Biosolids Drying Facilities – Will Australia Follow Global Trends?

July 30, 2021

Many advanced biosolids treatment processes such as incineration, pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonisation are being put into place around the world to tap into the hidden energy potential of biosolids and to deal with emerging contaminants such as PFAS. Thermal drying is a key part of these processes.

Globally, HUBER have delivered over 45 projects using their BT Belt Dryer Technology. The main drivers for these projects were to use the dried product as a renewable fuel source, reduce transport costs or to beneficially reuse as a Class A product.

As the Australian and New Zealand agent for HUBER Technology, Hydroflux Epco have access to HUBER’s global expertise in the field of biosolids treatment and integration of thermal drying into a sewage treatment plant or advanced biosolids treatment facility.

The following projects under construction demonstrates HUBER’s leading position in the field of biosolids drying:

  • Mannheim STP, Germany – 3 x HUBER BT22 Belt Dryers, 36,980 t/a
  • Erlangen STP, Germany – 1 x HUBER BT16 Belt Dryer, 15,700 t/a
  • Halle-Lochau STP, Germany – 1 x HUBER BT20 Belt Dryer, 16,600 t/a (as part of the HUBER-WTE Sludge2Energy process)
  • Cenibra STP, Brasil – 1 x HUBER BT30 Belt Dryer, 45,155 t/a
  • Kassel STP, Germany – 2 x HUBER BT30 Belt Dryers, 80,000 t/a
  • Zistersdorf STP, Austria – 1 x BT8 Belt Dryer, 12,000 t/a
  • Utena STP, Lithuania – 1 x BT6 Dryer, 6,264 t/a
  • La Crosse STP, USA – 1 x BT24 Belt Dryer, 26,571 t/a

With the need to increase beneficial reuse of biosolids, to address emerging contaminants and to make wastewater plant operations carbon neutral, there is a place for thermal drying in Australia and New Zealand.

Hydroflux Epco can assist Water Authorities and Planning Engineers with life cycle analysis, concept designs and financial/sustainability outcomes associated with a thermal drying facility.

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