Oygarden STP – Norway’s Latest STP Buried in a Mountain

April 21, 2021

Norway’s west coast comprises of more than 300 islands that lie within the municipality of Fjell. With the nearby city of Bergen now more accessible via new transport infrastructure, the Fjell region has been experiencing rapid population growth.

To comply with recently changed environmental regulations a new wastewater treatment plant was required and given the landscape in this part of the world, the construction of the new Oygarden STP required a design that utilised as little space as possible. Built within a mountain called Storanipa, the new treatment plant processes up to 43 MLD of wastewater. HUBER supplied the bulk of the process equipment for this first stage of the project. The second stage will see the construction of a new secondary treatment facility.

  • BOD5 < 40 mg/L or 20% reduction
  • TSS < 60 mg/L or 50% reduction

The future stage 2 process shall have tighter discharge limits for TSS, BOD and Nutrients.

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