EarthLoc®: Non-Toxic Erosion Control and Dust Suppression

June 6, 2024

EarthLoc® is a specialised non-toxic, non-hazardous liquid concentrate designed to help control environmental erosion and to suppress dusting of stockpiles and roadways due to high winds or traffic.

Just one application of EarthLoc® can last over 3 years, as shown below at this Melbourne construction site where EarthLoc® was applied back in 2021. The whole stockpile has been ‘EarthLoc’ed, with a couple of additional applications in the first month on the trafficked area, just to ensure continuous protection.

EarthLoc® comes as a concentrate (and then dilute 50x), with or without a dye, or as a super-concentrate (dilute 5000x) with dye if required. It is best applied as a diluted solution by adding it to water carts or spray systems that allow easy application with good coverage.

Product Benefits

  • Safe-to-use non-toxic, non-hazardous formula.
  • Concentrated ready-to-use water-based formulation for easy dilution without the need for rigorous mixing or to wait for activation.
  • Works immediately on application to form a durable, long-lasting coating that helps minimise erosion and dusting by water and wind.
  • Contains marker dye to help obtain suitable coverage without over application.
A dust storm on the road near Mildura, Australia.

Why minimise the dust?

Minimising dust is important for economic, environmental, safety and health reasons. Dust can cause damage to plant and machinery, it can reduce air and water quality, it will reduce visibility, and it may have adverse effects on health.

To learn more about EarthLoc® please contact Hydroflux on 773 6950 or email [email protected].

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