Increasing Value From Existing Tertiary Recycled Water Schemes

June 3, 2020

The need for alternative water sources to reduce the demand on drinking water supply has led to the construction of numerous tertiary treatment schemes to enable reuse.

Several technical solutions are available and have been well proven across Australia and New Zealand.

In many instances, existing tertiary processes operating in recycled water schemes can be optimized by the inclusion of a pre-treatment step to remove algae, fine suspended solids and nutrients like phosphorous.

Removal of these contaminants can significantly reduce OPEX of an existing multi-media or membrane-based process whilst achieving higher recovery rates and process stability.

Hydroflux Epco offers several solutions for polishing of secondary effluent as follows:

HyDAF – Dissolved Air Flotation: Ability to remove very high levels of algae, suspended solids and phosphorous. Ideal for storage ponds/lagoons that are prone to algae growth.

RoDISC – Horizontal Disc Filtration System: High filtration capability with 75% less footprint than sand or multi-media filters These technologies can also be used for achieving tighter environmental discharge limits on existing sewage treatment plants. The equipment is available in a variety of sizes to cater for all flow scenarios.

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