World Environment Day 2020

June 5, 2020

World Environment Day this Friday 5th of June reminds us to take action to conserve and protect our natural environment.

One of the themes for this year is biodiversity – the 8 million or so plants, animals, fungi and bacteria and the ecosystems that make up life on earth.

Healthy ecosystems, rich with biodiversity, sustain life, cleaning our air and water and providing nutrition, medicines and raw materials. The degradation of ecosystems and the alarming loss of biodiversity has significant implications globally for livelihoods, economies and human health. Looking after our water catchments is particularly important and water users need to work together to ensure the sustainability of this vital resource on which we all depend.

On this World Environment Day, why not check out your local waterway, it might be a neighbourhood creek or stream, your local river or lake or even the beach. Spending some time in nature is good for the soul and can help remind us how we are all connected and dependent upon the same things. You might even find something practical you can do to help improve biodiversity and reduce pollution like organising a local clean up, switching to renewable energy or simply pledging to stop wasting food in your household.

To learn more about World Environment Day please click here.

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