Multiple Screw Press Projects Awarded to Hydroflux

August 7, 2019

With over 40 units in operation and another 20 under construction, Hydroflux were recently awarded a number of screw press units for wastewater projects in South Australia, NSW and Western Australia.

The HUBER QPRESS is a low speed high performance sludge dewatering unit that generally reduces offsite sludge disposal volumes by 85 – 90%.

Performance figures demonstrate similar cake solids to decanter centrifuges but with 90% less power usage.

“I was recently in a remote location to commission a QPRESS operating in a sewage treatment plant. The operators were astounded by the low internal screw speed of the QPRESS. At less than 1RPM, the maintenance requirement is very low with a replacement of parts only required every 3 years or so, depending on the application.

Many councils, water authorities, mine sites and industrial clients are coming to Hydroflux for sludge dewatering solutions using the HUBER QPRESS.

A number of units have been recently been delivered to Papua New Guinea, Fiji and NZ, who are following the trend here in Australia” says Daniel Potente, Business Development Manager for Hydroflux Epco Pty Ltd.

QPRESS is available in a number of sizes and suits a variety of municipal and industrial applications. Standard containerized versions are available as plug and play solutions for remote sites that require a simple integrated sludge management solution.

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