Enzymes and Bacteria – HYDRAFERM

Dosing a small amount of HYDRAFERM into your wastewater stream will not only improve the water quality, but will provide numerous advantages to the general operation of your wastewater treatment plant. 

Enzymes, Bacteria and macro-nutrients are some of the more common additives used in water and wastewater treatment plants and there are often 3-4 different types that will work on any given water or wastewater stream. However, of those water or wastewater additives, it is very likely that one additive will outperform the others in terms of cost and performance.

Hydroflux Utilities are the specialists in water and wastewater biological systems and sludge digestion and have over the years sought out or formulated the very best high strength biological additives for water and wastewater treatment.

HydroFlux Utilities also offers a range of the more traditional macro-nutrients such as urea, phosphoric acid and ammonium phosphate suitable for the up-keep of aerobic biological systems

If you would like to understand a little more about biological processes and micro & macro nutrients we invite you to view our technical video presentations on these process’s (ideal for technical water and wastewater treatment plant operators). Click Activated Sludge Processes.

Our product range includes:

HYDRAFERM 1000 series – this range includes our biologically active bacterium, micronutrient and enzyme based series of products. These products are designed to reduce the volume of sludge already produced, increase water treatability and reduce foaming in biological systems. These products are supplied as ‘dry’ and are suitable to be used ‘as is’ or after a 24 hour activation period in a simple water/aeration system. The advantage of activation means lower overall dose rates.

HYDRAFERM 2000 series – this range of products are liquid based formulations designed to get your system back-on-track right from the start. These are proprietary blends of enzymes, bacteria, nutrients and surfactants designed to tackle oil and grease build as well as reduce already produced sludge volumes. These can be used as stand-alone products or in conjunction with our HYDRAFERM 1000 products.

HYDRAFERM 3000 series – This range contains the more traditionally used ‘macro-nutrients’ such as urea, phosphoric acid and ammonium phosphate. These are designed for aerobic based biological plants where the feed water is deficient in phosphorus and/or nitrogen based chemistry.

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