Plant Optimisation

Wastewater treatment plant optimisation is by far the most unrecognised asset in the operation of a wastewater treatment plant, yet it represents the single biggest opportunity for performance improvement and reducing operating costs.

Plant optimisation is not a new or even difficult process, but to achieve the best results you need to engage a business that has experience in operation of wastewater treatment plants.  Hydroflux engineers have this experience and will work though problems systematically and achieve the best results for your wastewater treatment plant.

Plant optimisation by Hydroflux Pacific is a solution that helps businesses improve the efficiency of their wastewater treatment plants.

This approach involves the delivery of a comprehensive set of measures that will improve the performance of the plant with the aim of also reducing the operating costs.

Once the improvement program has been established, Hydroflux Pacific can undertake the works necessary to implement the program which often may involve adjustments to the operating parameters, replacement of parts, or altering chemical programs.

The upgraded system, implemented as part of this program, will have a positive impact on your wastewater treatment plant. By allowing Hydroflux Pacific to conduct the performance auditing of your plant, you will improve your ability to meet discharge requirements and potentially lower discharge costs, maximise energy efficiency of your plant and realise utility savings whilst decreasing life-cycle costs and operational demands.

Hydroflux Pacific will also often install the HyCONNECT monitoring facility that enables remote operation and support by our engineering team.

Hydroflux is reliable, efficient and effective – as experts we manage complex situations and deliver dynamic solutions. It is simple, streamlined wastewater treatment management.