Remote Monitoring

HyCONNECT is a remote connection facility utilised by the Hydroflux Group to provide advanced support to our clients. This facility provides our experienced wastewater technicians and engineers 24/7 real time access to our client’s treatment plant control system.

The features of the HyCONNECT system include a Secure Remote Login to HMI screens or SCADA for complete operation and monitoring including:

  • WWTP Operation by Hydroflux or Client Staff
  • Plant Operational Assistance
  • Fault Diagnosis and Correction
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Secure Remote Login to PLC for program changes (after commissioning these are managed via our change control system).
  • SMS Alarm notification to Hydroflux service technicians

The HyCONNECT system utilises a 3G Ethernet Modem Router utilising a secure VPN. The system requires a valid 3G signal (enhanced antennas available) and access through clients firewall if installed.

HyCONNECT is available for all wastewater treatment plants and processes. Please call us on 679 310 0071 to enquire about Hydroflux HyCONNECT suitability for your plant.