Construction Water

Specialist systems for the treatment of ground water

Hydroflux Industrial has extensive experience in the treatment of ground water and particular, ground water from construction sites which is often highly contaminated with Iron and Manganese.

At Hydroflux, our engineers are fully conversant with the ground water seepage that often occurs during and following underground construction works and have designed unique and cost effective methods of treatment and the associated sludge handling systems.

We have a range of temporary and containerised treatment plant designs as well as having the facilities and skills to complete design and construct projects for permanent ground water treatment plants.

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Ground Water characteristics

Iron and manganese are common metallic elements that occur together in ground water in many regions of Australia. In natural conditions, water percolates through the organic soil where dissolved oxygen is consumed by the decomposition of organic matter. This decomposition process reduces the pH of the water due to the microbial action and in combination with the lack of oxygen, the iron and manganese atoms are in the soluble Fe2+ and Mn2+form.

During underground construction and when groundwater is encountered, the water gets into contact with air which enters the water and starts an oxidation process that releases carbon dioxide from the groundwater to the atmosphere. When this occurs, the pH values are increased and the Fe2+ and Mn2+ are oxidised into the insoluble Fe3+ and Mn4+ minerals resulting in the red precipitated material commonly observed.

Another observation which is also associated with iron and manganese in water is iron and manganese bacteria. These bacteria do not pose any particular health threat, but they are responsible for the red brown (iron) and black brown (manganese) slime seen where water seeps through walls.

EPA guidelines quote concentrations of 0.3 mg/L and 0.1 mg/L of iron and manganese respectively for discharging water back to the environment so considering that iron concentrations in some areas can exceed 100mg/L, treatment plants are often required to remove over 99% of the iron and similar for manganese.

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Unique water treatment processes for iron and manganese removal on construction sites

Hydroflux Industrial has a wealth of experience in removing iron and manganese from ground water.


The most effective method of treating iron and manganese laden ground water when iron levels are high is based on the principle of oxidizing the dissolved metal ion to a condition that produces a filterable particle.

Once in the ferric state, iron can be removed by clarification under the right conditions. Filtration can be effective however typically for ground water from construction sites the solids load is way too high for any form of media filtration to handle without some form of clarification upstream.

The right conditions for iron and manganese removal are somewhat different. Both will oxidise to a reasonable degree with aeration, but the kinetics of iron and manganese oxidation are relatively slow when compared to that when using chemical oxidants. The pH of the water is another aspect that is quite critical. For iron removal the pH should be above 6.8 and preferably in the range of 7.5 to 8.5 whereas for manganese the pH should be over 9.5.

The most effective process utilised for construction water is a combination of Aeration, pH control, Oxidation and Flocculation. Sodium hydroxide is typically used for ph control and effective oxidants used to help facilitate this conversion include chlorine or potassium permanganate. In some cases a low dose of coagulant in conjunction with a polymer will result in a very low turbidity water following clarification and suitable for discharge without any form of filtration.

Hydroflux Industrial can construct temporary ground water treatment plant using standard containers as clarification vessels. These system are very construction site friendly and also incorporate all chemical dosing, sludge handling equipment and controls with the confines of a container.

Construction and assembly of such system is quick and the other significant advantage is that the plant can be relocated to another site once construction is completed. Our containerised treatment plants are modular and can be configured to treat ground water in multiple so 10-20L/s

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Sludge Handling and Dewatering techniques for construction sites

When iron laden water is treated, considerable volumes of sludge are generated. It is normally highly economical to dewater the sludge prior to disposal. Dewatering of iron sludge produces filter cake with a very high solids content which usually results in more than 90% volume reduction.

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Our Services

Engaging a professional wastewater treatment company to look after the entire wastewater project is a convenient, economical and hassle free option for industry.

Hydroflux Industrial can provide all process design works, manufacture and fabrication, construction and even complete operation of your wastewater treatment plant.

When Hydroflux Industrial provides complete solutions, we can either undertake a contract on a turnkey basis or work together with building services engineers and other construction professionals such as architects, structural engineers and quantity surveyors to ensure that the project is delivered smoothly, without interruption and on time.


The Hydroflux Group is able to offer a Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) option for water and wastewater assets in Australia and New Zealand. This innovative partnership arrangement strengthens existing strong bonds between Hydroflux and their customers for the long term.

Hydroflux, represented by a special purpose vehicle dedicated to the project, supplies the design, construction, financing, and operation of the water or wastewater plant. The plant is transferred to the client at the end of the contract, which is generally around 10 years.

Hydroflux also purchase existing water and wastewater plants on a similar basis, which releases cash to our clients for either returning or distributing to investors or for funding other investments in their core business.

The multidisciplinary structure of the Hydroflux group including design, construction, equipment supply and operation makes Hydroflux the ideal BOT water and wastewater partner.

Please contact Hydroflux if would like to explore the option of either acquiring a new water or wastewater facility without capital outlay or would like to free up cash by selling your existing water or wastewater assets.

Typical Process train for treatment of construction site water

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