Hydroflux has designed, manufactured and installed or refurbished hundreds of clarifiers since 1962, and our industrial, road construction, tunneling and mining clients have come to rely on our proven design for this critical component in their treatment process.

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Secondary Clarification

Continuous biological wastewater processes typically use secondary clarifiers as the phase separation step to separate biomass from the water phase.

Sludge Thickeners

Thickening of sludge using sedimentation is a common method of increasing the solids concentration due its simplicity of operation, low…

Lime Saturators

The lime saturator is a process unit, designed to make saturated lime water for control of the pH and alkalinity…

Tertiary Clarification

Tightening discharge limits requires the use of tertiary filtration for the removal of fine suspended solids, nutrients, bacteria and pathogens.

Primary Clarification

Clarification processes are commonly used in as the first stage of solids separation in industrial wastewater treatment systems and various…