Sludge Thickeners

Hydroflux is proud to be Australia’s first water treatment and technology company to achieve Climate Active carbon neutral certification for our entire organization. As part of our climate change mission, we continue to research, develop and invest in sustainable technologies.

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Thickening of sludge using sedimentation is a common method of increasing the solids concentration due its simplicity of operation, low maintenance and good performance. Applications typically include filtrate washwater recovery in large industrial treatment plants and various high solids mining process applications.

The unit consists of a saturator-clarifier tank and weirs, a hopper, and a sludge rake. The unit includes an inlet and outlet, lime recirculation and slurry dosing, and spent lime solids sludge wasting. Sampling points are also provided.

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Hydroflux Epco have extensive expertise and references for Lime Saturators/Clarifiers as follows:
• Over 330 clarifier systems manufactured since 1962, numerous operational in lime saturator applications
• Robust construction with proven sludge removal systems (VeeMax®, LogMax® and HeadMax®)

Key Advantages include:
• Proven bridge construction
• High torque heavy duty gearbox
• Elimination of dead zones
• High sludge thickening capability
• Proven sludge removal systems
• Free standing design in steel construction or concrete in ground designs
• Proven commissioning success drawing on 52 years of experience
• Submerged feedwell is self-cleaning so it doesn’t grow vegetable matter such as pumpkins and tomatoes