Industrial Wastewater

Hydroflux Industrial is the wastewater treatment expert for industry. We use our in depth knowledge and understanding of wastewater processes, together with science and technology, to design a solution specifically for you.

Industrial Wastewater Products

General Expertise

Hydroflux has designed and constructed wastewater treatment plants in virtually all industrial sectors that generate wastewater.

Inlet Screens

In industrial applications, screening is essential as the first stage of treatment to remove bulk solids that would otherwise increase the solids and organic load on downstream plant.

Dissolved Air Flotation – DAF

The HyDAF Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system’s simplicity and exceptional performance in industrial applications are just two of the reasons why the HyDAF is the Dissolved Air Flotation system of choice for primary industrial wastewater treatment today.


Clarification processes are commonly used in various stages of solids separation in industrial water and wastewater treatment systems, road construction and tunneling and mining process applications.

Biological Systems

Hydroflux Industrial design and construct a comprehensive range of advanced and sustainable anaerobic and aerobic biological systems for wastewater treatment.

Chemical Handling

The use of the correct chemicals and chemical doing equipment is essential to the effective operation of your water or wastewater treatment plant.

Sludge Dewatering

Hydroflux Industrial has a wealth of experience in dewatering processes for primary and biological sludge using screw presses, filter presses, belt presses, centrifuges and more. We will always select the most appropriate machine for your application.

Oil Water Separators

Hydroflux Pacific offers a comprehensive range of high quality stainless steel oil water separators designed specifically for trade waste treatment…

Lamella Separators

Hydroflux Industrial’s CrossFLOW™ Solids Separators are designed, specifically for industrial mining and high salinity applications. Including Anodisers, glass factories, tunnel…