Step Screen

HUBER’s subsidiary in Sweden, Hydropress AB, invented Step Screen® in the early 1980’s Since then over 100 HUBER Step Screens have been installed in Australia and over 4000 units are operational worldwide.

The STEP SCREEN® System is widely accepted and successful due to its function and easy-to-follow operation principle.

The Step Screen has a very high separation efficiency due to the narrow slot width and the screenings carpet that is generated during operation. Slot widths are available in either 3mm or 6mm. The Step Screen design is self-cleaning due to moveable lamellae so there is no requirement for spray water or brushes.

Step Screen is easy to retrofit to existing channels with widths varying from 500mm to 2000mm. The discharge height from the base of the channel is flexible due the variable angle design and can be up to 3.5m. The step screen is capable of processing up to 3000L/s.